Icelandic Brides

At first, let’s take a look at the country of origin of these girls, namely Iceland. This is an island country located in the north part of the Atlantic Ocean. Norwegian Vikings discovered the island and began to equip permanent settlements on it from the middle of the 9th century. So the blood of the great Vikings still flows in veins of the modern Icelandic women. This fact explains most of their features, so let’s speak about them.

Unique Qualities of Icelandic Women

Truly north beauty. Icelandic girls have a beautiful northern skin tone that makes it look like milk. Thanks to Viking genes most of them are brunette or have red color of hair. But more than one-third of them still has platinum blonde hair color, this is such a color that even Khaleesi would envy;

Strong Character

And the great example of their strong character is the fact that this is the first democratic county that elected female president. It happened in 1980 and her name is Vigdís Finnbogadóttir. Vigdís was a president for sixteen years (1980-1996) and left the presidency with honors and orders from her own country and many foreign, including Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, and many others.


Iceland is a country with a developed economy and society, which means that the population of this country can get a high level of education.

Great Sense of Humor

Probably it also a legacy left by Viking sailors who always entertained themselves on board with humor;

English Speakers

Almost all Icelandic brides nowadays have a good enough level of English to speak with you without any help from an interpreter. So the main problem that men can have when they try to find a bride abroad — the language barrier, is absent in this case.
Above you can see only the tip of the iceberg because this list is endless, but it will be better if further, you explore it by yourself.

Choosing the Dating Site to Meet Women from Iceland

If you do not have enough free time to fly to this beautiful north island to meet them, you always can try Icelandic women dating platforms that are available online. Have you ever heard about international online dating resources? If no, please read some hints below.

Research Iceland Dating Sites

Type “Icelandic mail order brides” in the search bar of your browser and click enter. You can use your desktop for it or even portative devices, such as smartphone and tablet because all of these resources already create a mobile version of their websites.

Choose the Best One

You will see numerous websites that will offer you to become their member, so to use the right one, please take into account the following. How long this platform is on the market and what users say about its level of service? You can easily check it on the internet by reading independent reviews and real comments. Do they care good enough about the safety of their members? It means that they have to do their best to protect your personal information and your money from scammers and fraudsters. Do they regular verify users’ profile to block fakes or models who work for presents there, but not seeking for true love. After you choose a platform with a proven reputation, you will need to create an account there.


Fill out a brief form with standard questions, such as:

Complete Your Profile

After this quick registration, you will already have your profile on this platform. But it will still be empty, so you will need to fill it out with information about yourself. The questionnaire form will help you with filling a profile. This form can be different from site to site, but in any case, most of those questions are optional. It means that you may write as much information about yourself as you would like to. Also, do not forget about a couple of photos to make women see how you look like.

Icelandic Brides — How to Get Married to the Right Girl?

It can be your first question when you see numerous beautiful women’s profiles. It seems impossible just to stop scrolling a page and look at new and new cute faces. Most of them are smiling, because you already know about their positive attitude and a great sense of humor. In this case you will need the help of filter option, usually, there are even two types of them.

Simple Search

A simple one that allows you to filter profiles by country of origin and age.

Advanced Search

And an advance one that allows adding more specifications, such as what type of relationships is she looking for, does she want to have children, does she already have a kid and so on. It is more than helpful if you have an understanding of what exactly you are seeking

How Much Should You Pay for It?

As you probably already understand, all of these features cannot be for free, it is impossible. Because a huge team is working on providing you the best service they can. Also, paid basis model is like a barrier that stops those who still do not know is he or she ready for it. So you can be sure that if you speak with someone on the site, this person is here not just to have fun.

So to use all features of the platform you will need to buy credits, it is currency there. Prices can be different from site to site, but this difference is minor. Credits usually sold in packages and buying a bigger package you pay less per one credit. If you are a regular user, it is convenient.


If you already feel a desire to marry Icelandic women, all of them, please remember that polygyny is prohibited by European law. Moreover, their characters will not accept to become a part of a harem.

But without any jokes, if you feel that you are ready to try to find a bride abroad and ready for long-distance relationships, many truly beautiful women are waiting for you somewhere on North Atlantic island. So are you ready?